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Different types of vending machines & products that I offer

I only use top of the line vending machines
 which assures that you will not only get the
very best service available... but will also
 reduce down time due to repairs as all parts
are in stock or readily available.

I offer multiprice beverage vending machines
that vend 12oz soda cans which feature|
Coke, Pepsi & 7-UP products, 20oz Water
bottles, 20oz Gatorade bottles, 23oz Arizona
iced tea cans, 16oz Monster or Rockstar cans
all in the same machine.

 My snack machines offer many different
items including most major brands of candy bars,
chips & pastries. I have everything from fruit
snacks to trail mix bars, beef sticks to cookies, healthier snacks, gum & mints and a nice
selection of Hispanic treats such as Barritas
& Gansitos pastries and several types of
jalapeno and hot chips. If it is available
from my suppliers I will be happy to put
them in your machine.
All of my soda machines accept
$1.00, $2.00, $5.00 & $10.00 bills 
as well as returning
$1.00 coins in change.

All of my snack machines accept
$1.00, $2.00 & $5.00 bills
as well as returning
$1.00 coins in change.

Have any questions?  
Please feel free to call me
anytime including weekends  
cel: 623-340-0296

Products offered
in my machines:
These are the proven
all time best sellers but I can
take requests for items not
on this list depending on availability from suppliers


Soda 12 oz cans...
.65 cents

Coke, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper,
Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7-UP,
Squirt, Orange.

Energy drinks 16oz cans...

Monster green.

Gatorade  20oz bottles...


Orange, lemon lime,

fruit punch

Arizona iced tea  23oz cans...

Raspberry, lemon

Snack items:

Crackers & peanuts...
.50 cents

Peanut butter crackers,
cheese crackers,  

Candy & chocolate items...

.90 cents

Snickers, M&M peanuts, twix, payday, 3 musketeers,
milky way, trail mix, kit kat,
skittles, sour skittles,
starburst fruit chews,
almond joy,   

Trail bars etc...

.75 cents

Honey & oats and other
trail bars, rice krispies treats, barritas, sponch,

  red vines, fruit snacks,


.75 cents

Oreos, M&M, knotts raspberry,
mini vanillas, sugar wafers,
famous amos, zoo cookies,
moon pies, pop tarts etc...

Chips, crackers & other snacks... regular size
.50 cents

Doritos nacho, Ruffles, lays,
cheez its, TGIF,
cracker jacks, Takis 

Chips...  large size
.75 cents

Doritos nacho, hot munchies,
flamin cheetos, chili fritos,
salsitas, BBQ Lays,

White cheddar cheese puffs 

Pastries & donuts...

.90 cents
Big texas cinnamon, cheese
 & cherry danish, honey buns,
 cup cakes, chocolate, crunch
 or sugar donuts


.65 cents
double mint, jucy fruit,
big red, spearmint

Tuna kit... tuna & crackers


Below are pictures of some
of my current accounts to
show you some of the actual machines that I use

















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