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 Vending 101...   for the newbie: 

Due to the dozens of phone calls that I used to receive every week from people who simply want me to spend all day long on the phone with them teaching them the vending business or to help them figure out how to operate the vending machines that they purchased off of ebay or craigslist I now offer a 29 plus page vending guide for purchase... or for an hourly fee I will spend time with you in person or on the phone explaining everything you ever wanted to know about the vending business. All honest 100% truth about this industry.  I do not hold back any punches...  I tell it like it really is and I do have over 40 years experience in the business so I do know what I am talking about. I am not one of those other guys out there who are new to the business or for just a short time or not in the business at all who sell a condensed version of my guide offering a few tips and pointers.

Note: This information is copyrighted and I absolutely do enforce all
copyright infringements

I have used the legal system to stop a couple of guys who purchased my guide and tried to resell it on ebay as well as one guy who cut and paste the information on this page and sold it as a quickie guide to getting started in the vending business... none of which were actually in the vending business themselves.         

Have any questions?  Please feel free to call anytime including weekends  

New to the business?   Learn what
to do and most importantly


This guide has two main goals... one is to teach you all of the correct ways to start off in and successfully grow in this business and the second is to make you aware of all of the MANY various scams and ripoffs in this industry. Although most of the main body of this guide focuses on the basic do's and don'ts of this business you MUST pay close attention to the scams and ripoffs section towards the end of this guide.
Please be aware that there is a lot of negativity in the scams & ripoffs section.
 This negativity is not intended to scare you off of vending and I certainly have no sour grapes towards this business because
vending has been VERY good to me (and still is). It is however intended to make you aware of all of the wrong ways to go about starting off in this business and to steer you away from all of the bad people in the industry. EVERY industry has its bottom feeders and scam artists so it is not just vending...  EVERY industry has them... the only difference here is that I know all about the bottom feeders and scam artists in vending and am willing to let you in on all of the secrets needed to be successful at this business which unfortunately includes a very large amount of negativity. 

First... a little about me. I started out with one machine over 40 years ago.  It was was a machine I acquired from someone who owed me money so I put it out at a small shop that a buddy of mine had. It was working out OK so I put out a couple of more just to help pay for gas for my weekend toys and for some extra vacation money and after about a year I decided to tried to see if I could make vending my main source of income.  Two years later I quit my job of 14 years and have never looked back.  Believe me... I am no genius but I do consider myself to be of average intelligence and I do like to think that I possess a pretty fair amount of common sense which is very helpful in any business venture.

There is nothing in this guide that anybody with an average intelligence level could not eventually figure out by themselves but the operative word here is "eventually".  You learn by experience... You learn by experimentation... You learn by making mistakes, You learn by asking questions... You learn by trusting other people (this could be good but is usually bad)... You learn by taking a chance and seeing for yourself what works and what does not and eventually you will learn everything that I have illustrated in this guide all by yourself... but it does come with a cost... and usually a pretty high cost so this guide simply gives you all of the answers and short cuts that you will eventually learn on your own but it will save you an unbelievable amount of time, money and aggravation should you decide to pursue this business.

When I started out in the biz... Nobody out there would tell me anything about the vending business... and I asked around plenty. There was no way other than to just trust the first guy that came along to tell you who the honest and dishonest people were in the industry... and believe me... there are very few honest people and PLENTY of dishonest people in the industry just waiting for a newbie to try to get into the business. I know this to be true because many of them ripped me off when I got started.

Vending is a secretive business.  People already in the business do not want to help anybody else get into the business.  They do not want to share their knowledge and are afraid of the competition so they simply do not help out anybody else.  I on the other hand am not afraid of a little competition.  Chances of anybody reading this guide being local is slim but even if someone in my area does read this I still am not afraid of them as there are hundreds of thousands of accounts out there and I have rock solid relationships with almost every one of my accounts and of the three or four that I do not... I really do not care if some other vendor takes them away from me because they are small to begin with and I keep my machines there only as a convenience to me as they are either close to another account that I have or I have not made time to go out and pull them yet so if someone else gets any of these accounts... so be it.

 Anybody that has ever started up their own vending business and has been in it for any length of time has been scammed or ripped off at one time or another and anybody that tells you that they have not is lying to you (either that or they are not smart enough to figure out that they were scammed or ripped off).  This guide is not intended to scare you away from vending but to simply pass along my 38 plus years of vending experience in order to help make your maiden voyage into vending more successful and to help keep all of the liars, thieves and scam artists in the vending industry from bankrupting you... and believe me... they are all over the place just waiting to separate you from all of your hard earned cash. Like I said earlier... anybody who has pursued vending has been scammed at one point or another but armed with this information you will be able to make better more informed decisions so if you do indeed get scammed then hopefully the damage will be minimal.


There is a lot of information pertaining to vending on the internet and plenty of guys online who are selling "How To" guides.  I have done extensive research and every one of these how to succeed in vending guides is written by one of four kinds of people.

And they are:
An equipment dealer trying to sell you machines:  These guys will say absolutely anything just to get you to buy machines. They don't care about you or if you are successful or not ... they simply want to sell machines... period. My guide will tell you what machines to buy and who to buy them from and what machines not to buy
and who to stay away from.

Or they are:
 A so called "professional locator" trying to sell you locations:

Especially if they are selling machines on location. This is absolutely the easiest way to lose all of your hard earned cash because almost every single one of these so called "professional locators" are complete thieves (and very good at it)
 and oh... bye the way... they all require payment up front... so good luck with that. My guide will explain all of these thieving locators tricks of the trade.

Or they are: 

  The novice vendor with very limited experience.  Lots of people either wanting to start a vending business
 or who are new to vending and have very limited experience think that they are experts in vending after just a few short months and can easily steer you in the wrong direction due to their lack of experience.  Trust me...  I talk to them all of the time. I meet them out on the streets every now and then and I get at least a half dozen phone calls per week... every week of the year... off of this website looking for information.  About 60% of the newbies that I talk to are all smarter than me and know more about the vending business than I do... and if you do not believe me... just ask them... they will tell you so.

And then there are:
Those people who simply have nothing better to do all day and like to write stuff on the internet... even if they know little or nothing about what they are writing about. Maybe they know someone in the business or maybe they read other information online but they really have no clue. The internet is chock full of misinformation written by people who have nothing else to do with their day. I surf the net from time to time and am absolutely amazed at what I see written about the vending business.
Now don't get me wrong... it is not just the vending industry that has thieves, con artists and amateurs...  every industry has it's bottom feeders... 
I just happen know a lot about the vending industries bottom feeders

My guide is a no bull s**t guide offering my more than 35 years experience in the industry

It is over 29 pages long but well worth reading each and every page



This guide is definitely not the most politically correct guide that you have ever read but everything written in it is 100% truth... and if you ask ANYBODY who knows me... I am honest with everybody.  Like it or not... I have always said what I was thinking and I always tell it like it is.  I am not a professional writer, sales person or a motivational speaker.  I am just a guy that started a vending route many years ago with one old beat up pop machine who could not get anybody in the industry to give me any pointers and who made many of the same mistakes outlined in this guide who offers to pass along correct information that I have accumulated along the way in order to help others avoid making the same mistakes that I have made.  There are only a couple of ways to be a success at vending and many many ways to go bankrupt... and trust me... there are a lot of guys out there a whole lot  smarter than you or me just itching to take every dime that you have... only to leave you broke, hiding from the bill collectors and looking for a job just to try to feed your family... and all in just a matter of months in many cases.   I have seen this happen to people first hand  MANY DOZENS of times throughout the years but if you have any smarts at all and use a little common sense in your decision making then after a while with a lot of hard work you can live a comfortable life... usually only working three days a week... which is all that I work (after several years of building my business).


The information in this guide is over 29 pages long so far and contrary to popular belief... there is MUCH MORE to vending than simply running around and collecting quarters all day long... which by the way I guarantee that you will hear this quote hundreds of times from people who work at your locations as you fill your machines... and after reading this information you should be better able to decide if and how you may want to pursue this industry.

Topics include:  
The number one question asked by everybody...    How much money can I make in vending. What to believe and what not to believe about the industry
 How to find out who the honest people and who the dishonest people are in your area such as equipment dealers or movers, service & repair people, locators etc...
Which is better... buying an established route or building your own route
What types and brands of equipment to use and what types and brands to stay away from. How to read a potential location... is it or is it not worth buying or pursuing and what kind of equipment to offer them. Who you need to talk to at prospective locations and what to tell them
The correct way to transport your equipment... equipment needed to do your own moves or hiring a professional mover
How to find out where to buy your equipment from and how to determine the good guys from the thieves.

And the very most important section of this whole guide:

A lengthy list of of ripoffs and scams used in the vending industry every day of the year... how to spot them and avoid them.

I offer this guide for sale for $199.95

Nothing fancy... just lots of VERY valuable information.

I know... I know... it sounds sound like a lot of money...  but just think about it...
you are getting ready to spend thousands and thousands of dollars starting up your new venture that you know absolutely
 nothing about and gambling your future on it being successful so 200 bucks is pretty darn cheap compared to 
ANY other form of schooling that you would pay for preparing to enter any
 other career.
Just think how much any college
or trade school costs... they are
thousands upon thousands of dollars
more than the $200.00 I am asking for.
This guide will absolutely save you thousands and thousands of dollars
should you decide to pursue vending yourself without any guidance because
I see and talk to people
every month
of the year
who lose  MUCH more
than the cost of this information .
I know that I did when I got started.

 If you do not believe me just pick up
 your local newspaper or look on Craigslist and call all of the plentiful ads where individuals are selling off their machines or small routes... That is also where all of the ripoff guys advertise. Vending is a very lucrative business if done correctly and there is a very good reason why so many newbies are quitting the business.  They had no clue how to get
 into the business and were at the mercy of those in the industry who pray upon their inexperience. Most of them will not talk about it because they are trying to sell out and recoup some of their losses but some will so if you can get them to share some of their horror stories with you then you will see that everything that I have said here and what is in my guide is absolutely 100% true

If interested in purchasing this guide please contact
 Gary  @ 623-340-0296

My guide is the most economical way to go but if you do not want to purchase my entire guide and just have a few questions I also offer phone help where I will spend as much time as you need with you on the phone answering any questions that you may have or I can just give you the most important basics of the business. 
My fee is $50.00 for the first 1/2 hour or $80.00 per hour billed in 15 minute increments after the first half hour (1/2 hour minimum). Try a 1/2 hour session... this is plenty of time to decide for yourself if I am worth spending more time with or not and if what I have to say does not impress you then you are only out $50.00... not thousands of dollars you will most likely lose by going into this business blind purchasing a bunch of inferior equipment from some shady dealer or locations from some scam
broker simply because they told you
that you will become rich by doing so. Compile a complete list of questions that you may have for me before calling or simply ask for me to go through the basics.

 You will want to write all of this information down so be prepared.

I will be more than happy to talk to you for a few minutes before hand to help you decide if you want to spend any of your
hard earned cash with me or not and regardless if you do or do not ... I wish you good luck with your new venture...
just remember... listen closely to what people are telling you... take some time and think about it thoroughly and use
a little common sense to decide if what they are telling you actually makes sense or not. If you have what it takes to run your own business then you will get a gut feeling if someone is actually being honest with you or if they are setting you up for a scam... so listen closely to them then listen to your gut.

Remember... those slick talking salespeople who are trying to sell you on the "work part time for full time income" and the
 "get rich quick in vending" schemes are all con artists and they are the only ones getting rich with these schemes...
by ripping you off. 


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