I truly apologize for this new policy but for the following reasons
I have removed all technical data from this page and I will no longer be offering free phone or in house technical advise

I realize that that the vast majority of machines being sold on Craigslist and Ebay do not work properly and / or are missing a variety of parts. There are those folks out there who buy non working machines from auctions and junk yards, throw them online for a two or three hundred dollar profit and sell them as fully functioning machines when in fact they are not. They even sell these machines without the keys, or not showing their customers how to operate or maintain them using the
excuse that they either do not have electricity in the storage that the machines are kept at to demonstrate that the machines
 do work properly or they deliver the machines, drop them off saying that they forgot the keys, or are in a hurry to make other deliveries and will come back later on to train you. Also... most folks who purchased these "good deals" from other sellers will simply put them back up for sale on Craigslist or Ebay once they find out how much it is going to cost to repair them.

You should always treat buying a vending machine as you would buying a car. You wouldn't buy a car without getting the keys for it so you could get into it... or without test driving it to make sure that all of the parts were there and that everything worked properly... would you? Never buy a vending machine without the keys... or without making sure that all of the parts are there... or that everything works properly... or without being shown how to operate it. Don't think that just because one machine is $900 and another machine is $400.00 that the $400.00 machine is the better  deal.

  I started the vending machine parts business a couple of years ago in order to help out those folks who purchased these non working machines by offering the most commonly needed parts and I did not mind spending a little time on the phone with folks trying to help them figure out what parts they needed.

 I also provided on this page complete setup procedures including pictures explaining how to set up and operate all of the
 different machines that I sell as well as a list some of the most common problems and how to fix them... mainly for the benefit of my customers and if this information was helpful to others I was happy with that.


It has come to my attention that there are several people... one or two here locally that I know of for sure and several in other states that are selling these non working vending machines on Craigslist
and Ebay, then directing their customers to my website for operating instructions and telling them that they can call my phone number for free consultation on how to set up and operate their machines. They also tell their customers that if they ever have any problems with their machines
 in the future to call me and I will
tell them how to fix it over the phone for free.


Due to the massive amount of phone calls that I have been receiving daily from all of these people who purchased these non working machines from other sellers and... especially due to the ever increasing amount of abuse that I have been taking from these people getting mad at me once they find out how much
it is going to cost them to repair their machines (if they were
indeed able to be repaired at all)
or that I will not spend all day
on the phone with them 
teaching them how to operate or fix the machines that they
purchased from someone
else for free after they were
told that I would by those
 dishonest sellers...

I have decided to remove all technical information from this page and discontinue spending the ridiculous amount of hours
that I have been spending every week on the phone offering
free technical help to people
 who have problems with
machines that they purchased
from someone else. 

I refurbish all of my machines myself and I thoroughly train my customers in the operation and maintenance of any equipment that I sell and I demonstrate that my machines do work properly before they buy and once they do buy from me. I also provide on the inside of my machines both mine and my service techs phone numbers for future help so from now on all technical information that used to be on this page will now be printed out and provided to my customers with every machine that I sell and although I will still be happy to help out people who purchased non working machines from someone else with technical advise over the phone I now must charge a fee for doing so just as if you would schedule a service call to have a tech come out to look at your machine.

My first suggestion to those folks who did decide to purchase a  machine from someone else without learning how to operate it, maintain it or even checking to see if it has all of the parts or that it worked properly before they  purchased it is to hire a qualified  local service tech to come out and help diagnose any problems and repair the machine properly.

If you are located here in the Phoenix or surrounding areas in Arizona I can refer you to a top notch service guy who may be happy to schedule a service call to come out and look at your machine.
(depending on what type of machine you purchased... as many have no parts availability and can not be repaired)

If you are not local, the best thing to do is to go to your local Sams Club early in the mornings when they are only open to business members and talk to several of the local vendors who are there stocking their trucks for the day. These are
 the guys with the white vans or anybody who has cart loads of soda and snack products. Ask them who the honest and knowledgeable service techs are in your area.

 If you do not have a Sams Club or a qualified local service tech available to you... myself or my service tech may be willing to provide you with tech support over the phone
(again... depending on what type of machine you purchased).
The cost for phone tech service is $50.00 for the first half hour (1/2 hour minimum) then after the first
 half hour you are billed in 15 minute increments at $50.00 per hour ($12.50 per every 15 minutes). 
We will take your credit card information over the phone and charge your card $50.00  to start the consultation then anything over the 1/2 hour will charged to your card accordingly.
It will be in your best interest to write down as many questions that you may have prior to calling
in order to get the maximum amount of information possible during your consultation.

If you are calling me to purchase a part for your machine I don't mind talking to you for a couple of minutes to try to make sure that you are getting the correct part but due to the numerous amount of people who call me every day of the week wanting me to help them fix the machine that they just purchased  from someone else over the phone I now must charge a fee for phone technical support.

One more note... I had a couple of people in the past come buy  pretending that they wanted to buy a machine from me asking me to show them how to operate and maintain one particular model machine before they bought... when in actuality they had already purchased a machine from someone else who did not show them anything about it and figured that I would teach them how to operate and maintain their machine for free and once I spent the time to train them they simply said that they would have to think about it and left without buying.
If you know the exact make and model ( a picture helps ) of the machine that you purchased from someone else and I have one here at the shop I will happily train you here at my shop on my machine.  I will even train you on the machine that you bought from someone else if you bring it by my shop.
The cost for this service is $50.00 for the first half hour (1/2 hour minimum) then after the first
 half hour I will bill you in 15 minute increments at $50.00 per hour ($12.50 per every 15 minutes).

Again... I apologize for this new policy but these phone calls and pretend customers have been consuming so much of my day... every day of the week... which has severely interfered with my normal operations I now find it necessary to charge for these technical services.

You MUST know the make and model of your machine BEFORE calling !!!

Somewhere on the machine will be a metal tag or some letters and numbers written in black marker on the inside of the door to tell you what make and model your machine is.They will look like... DNCB 501E, DNCB 440, VN 470, RV 660 etc...
If you don't know what make and model of the machine that you have
 then I can not help you out.
If it has a coke, pepsi, 7-UP or any other name brand cola sign front then there is a good chance that I may be able to help depending on the age of the machine. I also may need you to send me a picture so I can identify the age of the machine.

Most of the imported and off brand machines will not have an ID tag on them anywhere. Sometimes there will only be a tag that says "Made In USA". There are a couple of importers in the eastern part of the U.S. that put these tags on their imported machines in order to fool their customers. 
Manufacturers and importers of
these cheap machines never intended to supply parts for them anyway which is why there
is no machine ID and I can not
help you out.


Last updated 10-21-17

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